Asher’s Adventures: The Beach!

Asher went to the beach for the first time this week!

Asher supervising while T-Pop sets up his special umbrella tent–it was one of his first Christmas presents!

Let’s go ahead and acknowledge that it’s weird for me to call that place with all the sand and ocean “the beach” instead of “the shore”. I’ve lived in New Jersey for exactly 80% of my life, and apparently everyone else who’s actually from here calls it “the shore” (after all, there’s a reason that awful TV show got the name it did). I have no explanation for this, and I’m just as confused as all the people who have pointed this out to me over the years–and there have been several.

ANYway, Asher went to the beach! My Dad and I took him to Island Beach State Park (yep, the Chris Christie beach), which was really special because we’ve been going to that beach since I was a little girl…after the medical waste got cleared up, that is. My parents were real squares and didn’t want their kids playing with dirty needles and used bandages. Sigh, parents.

Still trying to decide how he felt about all of this!

So, we packed up all of the accoutrements needed to take a baby to the beach (which is a LOT), and we were off! We take a super-duper back road route to get to this beach, and I’ve ridden it so many times that I can literally close my eyes and envision the entire trip.  Once we got there the three of us trudged up “Agony Hill”, our affectionate name for the sandy hill you have to climb to get to the less crowded part of the lifeguard area. It’s not nearly as agonizing as it used to be, because back in the day it really was very steep, but carrying a 16 pound person while walking up it was still a bit of an effort.

Asher had a great time, and as a result, so did my Dad and I. Asher’s little feelings were rather hurt when he grabbed two handfuls of sand that immediately ran away from him, but T-Pop gave him a cold bottle of soda to hold and that made up for the insult.

We were able to stay on the beach for several hours thanks to the wonders of babywearing–that is to say, pigs would fly before Asher voluntarily took a nap without Wendy Whale, but he was powerless against the forces of a wrap and a nice walk by the waves. He was out cold in 5 minutes flat, and woke up ready to keep playing!

This is a Solly Baby wrap and I absolutely love it, in case you’re looking for one!

My Dad and I took turns holding Asher in the water when the waves weren’t rough, and he definitely has some swimming instinct because he kicked his little legs like a champ. iPhone v. Atlantic Ocean never ends in the phone’s favor, so I don’t have any pictures of that part, but you can take my word for it–it was adorable!

Speaking of taking on the ocean, at the very end of the day our little camp setup got swamped by a rogue wave. Talk about rude! Fortunately nothing was actually damaged, just soggy, but it was a bit of a chore to get everything packed up (full disclosure, my Dad did about 93% of the work). To that end, Asher got the “job” of monitoring the bags…

He was quite pleased with his contribution to the project!

Once we were finally packed up and ready to go, we headed back down Agony Hill and made our way home. Now, you know how a lot of babies conk out the minute they get in the car? Asher is NOT one of them. He must really enjoy watching the world pass by, because he will stay wide awake for an entire hour long car ride…even when it really would be best to sleep because it’s, you know, nap time or something. However, I didn’t think he would last long when I saw this face…

And I was right.

He slept the whole way home!

So, long story short, I got to revisit one of my favorite places from my childhood with my own child. I am so grateful to be able to do this sort of thing with him, and I can’t wait for all the adventures still to come!

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  1. Debora Lisle says:

    Oh! Your narrative and pictures bring back so many memories for me, too! Your Dad is the BEST beach “cruise director” ever!

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