Sunday Stitch Count 8/13

Today I gave Asher an avocado for the first time, thinking he would like it... I was wrong. I remembered after this wildly unsuccessful attempt that I was never able to keep an avocado down once in my entire pregnancy with him, so at least he's consistent! And Dave doesn't like avocado either, … Continue reading

Wendy Whale for President

Just to be clear, this is not about politics. It's about the fact that Wendy Whale is probably responsible for my sanity still being relatively intact, and as such I am her biggest fan. She was made by Gund, she's soft and squishy, and there are little blue ribbons sown to her spout to look like … Continue reading

How a spoon works

"But he definitely understands how a spoon works?" Asher didn't have his 6 month appointment until he was a few days shy of being 7 months, because that was the soonest we could get in to see the pediatrician a neighbor had glowingly recommended after Dr. Lon passed away. Now, this wasn't a … Continue reading

Sunday Stitch Count 8/6

Happy Sunday! We have a new tradition in our little family of walking into town for ice cream every Sunday afternoon, and the walking part makes the ice cream part feel completely justified. However, the smallest member of our family, who has not yet been introduced to the glories of sugar, tends … Continue reading