Sunday Stitch Count 7/30

It’s Sunday again! When I was pregnant, I was so hyper-aware of the passage of time–I absolutely said things like, “I’m 32 and a half weeks along!”–but without that looming due date by which to measure, days can easily sneak up on me. That’s why it’s fun to see what I have to show for a week, knitting-wise…one ENORMOUS difference between knitting and motherhood is concrete, tangible progress!

Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry

I’m a little surprised by how not-different this project looks from last week, even though it’s a couple inches longer. Ms. Mowry tends to write patterns that are fairly straightforward but really let the yarn shine, so I’m hoping my next color change will really make a difference…otherwise I may end up in a dreaded shawl black hole!

Falling Waters by Knit-A-Bit staff

Now that’s progress! The irony of this pattern is that all of the panels between the cables are intentionally dropped at the bind-off, so a lot of work gets done to then be purposefully undone. It’s like a cha-cha with yarn! (How’s that for knitterly optimism?)

Fair Isle Coaster by Helen Ardley

The yarn is Cascade 220 Sport in gray, teal and cream, because once again no one over there at Cascade Yarns could be bothered to give these poor little colors a real name! It’s a bit of a travesty, really. As you can see, this little coaster is actually finished already, but there’s supposed to be 4 of them and I can’t find the one I already made (I blame the move, I can’t find my good blocking pins either!), so it’s really only 25% of the project.

And, of course, the obligatory Asher picture! He’s really starting to enjoy solid foods more and more–in this picture he had just polished off macaroni and cheese AND green beans!

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