Sunday Stitch Count 8/13

Today I gave Asher an avocado for the first time, thinking he would like it…

I was wrong.

I remembered after this wildly unsuccessful attempt that I was never able to keep an avocado down once in my entire pregnancy with him, so at least he’s consistent! And Dave doesn’t like avocado either, so unless some opinions start changing around here I guess I’ll have the avocados all to myself!

Over in knitting world, I have to confess to starting not one but TWO new projects this week. I was really trying to be good, but I was growing a bit weary

Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry

I blame this shawl for my lack of knitterly fortitude over the last week. I was at least able to capture a bit of the shaping that’s happening over on the right side there, but honestly, this lovely pattern and gorgeous yarn has gotten…boring. Gasp! I’m probably going to have my license to knit taken away for admitting that, but it’s true. At this point in the pattern the shape is changing by one stitch (out of 235) every other row. That is a LOT of knitting with, like, no visible change, so my attention has been wandering a bit to…

Baby Blossom Blanket by Hayfield Company

Okay, for real, HOW cute is this little blanket?!? The yarn is Baby Blossom Chunky by Hayfield, and it’s self-stripping, so all those cute little blossoms and leaves show up of their own accord with a single skein of yarn! No intarsia, no color chart, no bobbins to keep in line, no extra ends to weave in, you just cast on and go! And since it’s chunky yarn, it knits up super fast–I started this project on Thursday evening. It’s so nice to be able to whip up something like this when it feels like I’m just not getting anywhere with the fancier projects (*cough* Find Your Fade *cough*).

Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman

This pattern is the stuff of knitting legend. The “BSJ” is notorious for the fact that when you’ve finished all of the actual knitting, it still looks nothing like a jacket–hence the “surprise” part! The pattern has been updated since the original publication in 1968 to be a bit more helpful (my two favorite lines from the original are “work will start to look very odd indeed, but trust me and press on”, and “hope you are still with me”), but it’s honestly still on the sparse side. But it’s not a shawl, and it’s more complicated and thus more engaging than the baby blanket, so I’ll do as Elizabeth says and press on. Also, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (a.k.a. The Yarn Harlot) wrote a fun post about the BSJ back in May if you’d like to see finished photos!

Falling Waters by Knit-A-Bit staff

Falling Waters is plodding along, neither overwhelmingly dull or thrillingly new, it’s just minding it’s own business and doing it’s thing.

Finally, I thought a close-up of the yarns for these four projects might be fun, so you can see the difference in yarn weights (I know, it’s an astonishing idea, try to contain your excitement!):

The yarn on the left is “chunky” weight, the next yarn over is “worsted”, then we have “DK” (I had to look that up, it apparently stands for “double knit”–who knew?!), and finally “fingering” weight on the right. You can see why the blanket using chunky yarn is going so much faster than the shawl using fingering, the yarn is twice as thick!

And now, it’s time to put my avocado-hating baby to bed! Happy Sunday!

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