Sunday Stitch Count 8/20

Hi there! Better almost bedtime than never, right?

You’ll notice that these photos are a bit darker than normal, seeing as how I just took them and all…it was a busy Sunday for us! But hey, I can absolutely guarantee that this post will be less gruesome than tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones probably will be, so this can just be considered a brief reprieve!

Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry

Glory be, a color change! This newest beauty is Tosh Merino Light in Ophelia. I actually got quite a bit of this done this past week while my Dad drove us to the beach, because what better way to celebrate your child’s first beach trip than by knitting a blanket shawl in 100% wool?!?

Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Still looks nothing like a jacket, but I got to see a finished product at The Blue Purl this week and I could actually see what was going to be what in the end…so there is hope! I’m feeling very conflicted about my button choice for the end product, but I should probably actually finish it before I worry too much about that!

Baby Blossom Blanket

This is one of those projects that likes to lull you into a false sense of security, because it goes so quickly that you think, “oh, I don’t have to rush on that one”…and the next thing you know the as-yet unborn baby you’re knitting it for is crawling. I mean, not that I’ve ever actually experienced such a thing, I’ve just heard rumors…#bettergetamoveon

And to wrap up, we have Asher demonstrating his newest skill–getting himself into a sitting position! He’s only been able to do this for about a week, and now he’s doing it like a pro. This photo was taken the first time I went to get him after a nap and he was sitting up waiting for me…I was equal parts elated and heartbroken, because every time he learns something new I gain a baby who can do that thing, but lose the baby who couldn’t. I tell him every night how glad I am that I get to be his mommy, and I really, really mean it.

Stay safe with the eclipse tomorrow!

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