Sunday Stitch Count 8/6

Happy Sunday!

We have a new tradition in our little family of walking into town for ice cream every Sunday afternoon, and the walking part makes the ice cream part feel completely justified. However, the smallest member of our family, who has not yet been introduced to the glories of sugar, tends to feel a bit left out of the festivities.

“I really don’t think my key chain tastes as good as your ice cream does!”

Today was no exception, so if you see Asher and he feels compelled to share his woes with you, just go ahead and assume it’s about the absence of ice cream in his life. He’d probably appreciate a sympathetic sigh or two, while you’re at it.

Over in knitting world, there’s been some modest progress:

Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry

I’ve finally moved on to my fourth color, Tosh Merino Light by Madeline Tosh in Kimil. I took the second photo to try and show the four different yarns I’ve used so far, since even in person it’s hard to tell the difference between the first two without direct sunlight. It’s harder to photograph knitting than I ever realized, and I now understand why Stephanie Pearl-McPhee always enlists her husband for help! Also, I really can’t show the changing shape of the pattern because the width is now longer than the cord on my circular needle. Sigh. Who will play me in the movie?!?

Falling Waters by Knit-A-Bit staff

I’m making some headway on the second panel, but it’s really just a bunch of cables with a small median between each, so it’s not terribly exciting at this stage. But believe it or not, when the stitches get dropped at the end it will look like that first panel on top! I photographed it vertically, just to show the effect, but the two pieces are actually aligned horizontally for the finished product. The pattern is definitely a leap of faith (the instructions don’t really seem like they should work but so far they have, and dropping stitches on purpose feels more than a bit bizarre), but the nice thing about knitting is that worst case scenario, you rip the yarn back and start something new!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, Asher would like his turn with the computer, so it’s going to disappear for a while!

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